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Born in athens, in 1935.
Enters beaux arts school in 1956 until 1960.
He has Yannis Moralis as a teacher, obtained a scholarschip from the government and comes to Paris to study lithography from 1960 to 1963 then exhibits as a solo artist in Athens in 1966, Paris, Munich, Hambourg, Tokyo.

​In 1966 he started succeeding, he exhibited his work at the Facchetti Gallery in New York. After that, he had several exhibitions, particularly in New York, Tokyo, Stockholm, and especially in Paris, he exhibited as well in the biennales in Venice and São Paulo.

An extremely complete artist, Fassianos has worked not only on painting, but also on scribing, poster creation and illustration of books.

He is one of the most famous and popular greek artist who contributed to the renewal of the greek iconography. 

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