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Sotiris Sorogas was born in Athens in 1936. In 1961 he got a diploma of painting and art history from the Athens School of Fine Arts. After studying hagiography at the same school, he received an I.K.Y. scholarship for 1957-61. In 1958 he was awarded a Royal Institute Scholarship thanks to which he could attend courses of Byzantine, post-Byzantine and folk art. With an allowance from the Ford Foundation he could deepen his knowledge of contemporary art in New York, Chicago, London, Paris and Milan. He worked later first as a supervisor and then as assistant professor of drawing and colour at the Department of Architecture of the Metsoveion National University. He is a founding member of the Hellenic Association of Contemporary Art, and a member of the editorial board of the magazine “Speira”. He first exhibited in 1962 at the second Panhellenic exhibition for young artists and at the Italian Institute of Athens.

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