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George Kounadis was born in Athens in 1959.In 1978, he moved to Hydra and opened his first business. From 1983 to 1993 he operated a well-known café called the “Up and High.” This café-gallery showed new and established artists from all over the world.At that time, Hydra was a center for artists from all fields, including students from its famous art school, “Higher School of Fine Arts.”When holding his place, George started painting and showed his work in 1986 for the first time.During the thirty years from then, he moved to Sydney, Australia where he had businesses with the same concept. In Australia, he organized tens of exhibitions and introduced new artists He never stopped painting, his artistic language and the plethora of his works is impressive. He has had seven exhibitions in Australia and Greece; since 2012, he dedicated his time to painting, exclusively. In the summer of 2017, he came back to Greece and settled his studio in the family house where he was born, in the center of Kifissia. During his Australian years, he got inspired by Aboriginal painting that he translated into his own contemporary dot language, full of colors and repetitive details.

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