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Born in 1989 in Bordeaux (France), Julie Esteban finds her way in the visual arts. Professional photographer for 10 years, she works with different pictorial techniques to combine them with her photographic work.

"A shift took place when I chose to work in film and move from portrait to abstraction of bodies and faces while playing with light / dark. As if the blurring and the accidents inherent in looking at me had led me to look less clearly at others. Their presence is better felt and the matter of the bodies is understood with gentleness and emotion. "

The material she creates allows her to make her photographs more alive and to hide or suggest the soul beyond the body.

Combining photography and painting, a metamorphosis of the immaculate white space takes place on the canvas. The ELLES series then makes the link between these years of photography and painting.

"As photography freezes for a moment and preserves what will soon become a memory, the resin freezes the material and preserves the work over time, to make it durable and unique. "

The work of the resin makes sense with the wooden supports on which it works.

The evolution towards total abstraction and the work of the funds brought it  even closer to the subject. This one is at the heart of his work with the ABSTRACTION series.

These two favorite mediums each find their place in her artistic practice, she creates a balance between them in her creative process with light, colors and matter.

Juile Esteban
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